For this project I worked directly with a local husband-and-wife team who wanted to centralize and digitize the exercise and nutrition programs they individually offered. As if working with a married couple wasn’t interesting enough, the husband was my old college roommate, which meant we both knew way too much dumb crap about one another.

This was a great example of a client having an idea but needing a lot of conceptual and strategic thinking assistance to bring it to fruition. We did a lot of R&D into comparable business offerings, worked with a web designer to develop a plan to facilitate a fun and functional user experience, spent hours finding the right language and tone for the site, and finally put it all into place. I was able to gain experience working with SquareSpace, as well as help launch the site via social media and a neighborhood gathering.

I really enjoyed the focus of this project—improving peoples’ health—and it went well enough that my old roommate and I still talk to one another.

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