Aaron Ducat is a writer who lives in Seattle, WA.

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4th and Long

4th and Long

Some thoughts on and for the coaching staff of the DNC as they confront the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett



The thing about insanity is that, despite believing in its existence, each of us is certain we don't have it. While it might be difficult to determine what, exactly, is the insane, most of us are fairly certain that whatever it is — it's not who we are or what...

I was born in the Midwest and have spent the past twenty-plus years in the Pacific Northwest.

Presently I’m working on a novel, and regularly use this site to post essays and other random thoughts.

I also do commerical work — samples of past projects can be found in my Portfolio. 


Shooting Sparla is a magically sweet but bitterly realistic story about a young girl named Sparla and the challenges she confronts as she finds her way through the world.

Peter attends a self-help conference in search of answers. When he’s confronted with an opportunity to literally change his past he must make a difficult decision.

If you’ve ever thought about going back in time to change the past — even if doing so would undo who you are in the present — come along for a curious and thought-provoking trip as you discover your own Me-Of-Now.

Three young brothers attempting to make sense of their grandfather’s stories come to find that the world they know may look a lot different than the one they’ve been seeing.