AND WHY NOT? is a blog maintained by Aaron Ducat for reasons varied and inconsequential, with a heavy emphasis on the latter.

On this site you’ll find links to some of the projects I busy myself with: fictional stories, non-fiction essays and reviews, intermittent blog entries, photos and sundry other ephemera. While I would love to assert that the purpose of this site is to serve some higher and greater cause than myself, the reality is that I have so very little to offer to such ends, so if you’re the sort of reader in search of something tangible I’d recommend the corner store. This is not mere self-deprecation. In fact, if I had a therapist she’d probably label this as self-handicapping, which sounds far more serious and important.

Still, the purposes of this blog are not purely narcissistic (though I am open to going that route conclusively should I receive enough encouraging responses). As you’ll hopefully see by exploring some of the links, I’m interested in a variety of outlets for my writing, and perhaps you’ll find something in the various pieces available here that you enjoy, that amuses, excites or challenges. If you find none of those things please feel free to commission me to such ends: I can be terribly obsequious for even the most minimal financial incentives.

Thanks to those of you who make space to engage my sillinesses: so few of us have available time for such undertakings these days, which is a shame as it seems like a great thing to have when the alternative is considered.

If you have any feedback on the the site or the writings, or simply want to drop me a line for any reason (except for purposes of nastiness [please note this former and disgruntled acquaintances, especially those of the female variety]), please feel free to comment on the various entries or email me directly:

– aaron