ReachNow was a subsidiary of BMW, offering cars — BMW’s, no less — that you could rent by the minute, hour or day. They’ve since been subsumed via a series of multinational mergers, but they were still a fun product staffed with a good group of people.

Initially I was brought on to assist with some editing, but my role quickly morphed and soon I was helping with content strategy, website copy/design/layout, app copy, emails, internal communications/white papers, blog content (text and photos), app store copy, digital advertisements (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), billboards, and radio ads. 

I enjoyed being a part of their strategic and creative processes, and had fun working with their marketing teams in Seattle, Portland and NYC. Despite the BMW in their name, ReachNow was a fast-paced tech company that was very data-oriented, and I was challenged to up my tech-savviness and know-how. I also got to drive some BMW’s, and that was pretty awesome. 

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