The following are links to sites maintained by some fine folks I know who are engaged in activities more interesting than the banal and more involved than Facebook.  Most of them are decent people (there are a couple obvious exceptions, but let’s not get hung-up naming names) and I’d personally recommend at least 70% of the below sites.  Some of these are fun, some are interesting, more than a couple are worthless and a handful are of a commercial nature; the latter isn’t an attempt to take your cash, rather I’d like to draw attention to friends I know who are pursuing their dreams and interests while also paying their bills.  

Abdul the Amazing Amphibian, Seattle, WA

Pat Bogusz: Photography, Onsted, MI

Craig Burnett: An American in Paris

Melody Datz: Melodizing in Seattle, WA

Todd Gilman: Ranging rivers and providing beer, Seattle, WA

Todd Hamm: Pretentious intellectualizing and whatnot, Seattle, WA

Walidah Imarisha: Poetess of Portland, Portland, OR

Andreas Maeder: Germanizing in Switzerland

Billy McManus, Seattle, WA. Support his band The Velvet Drive as well as his music project Hear It Out

The Maldives: The biggest and best band you probably haven’t yet listened to, Seattle, WA

Kyle Newton: Photographer, Putz, Perennial Long-shot, Long Beach, CA

Dave Ohlson Photography, Videography and Mountain Climbing, Seattle, WA

Andy “Animal” Sells and the boys at FCS North, Seattle, WA