I ended up staying a little longer in Paris than I had initially planned, which was really great. I got hooked up with a tremendous couple – Craig and Lora – and they were kind enough to not only let me stay with them for the duration, but extended their hospitality to a very attractive traveling companion I found along the way. Though my forays into the language were often full of bumps and faux pas’s, I had a great time there.

Most notable for me was the Centre Pompidou, which is the contemporary art museum in Paris. I had been in Paris eight years ago with my mother, and due to time constraints we had to choose which museums we would and would not visit. She was anti-Pompidou and I couldn’t persuade her, so this was my first visit to the museum, and I’ll gladly go back any time the opportunity presents itself.

For better or worse I didn’t do much writing during my time there, so there are only a couple straggling comments found under the blog section of this site. Perhaps once I get situated down the road I’ll fill in the details, but for now those meager remarks will have to suffice.