Just over a month ago I wrote a post about readers finding my blog after entering the search terms, “to hunt a naked woman” and “nudes women in shower”. For better or worse the trend has continued, and according to the statistics package that tracks visitors some of you out there are still finding me by using just such criteria.

As I mentioned in the earlier post I’m terribly curious to hear from anyone who has stumbled upon this space after searching those terms. Unfortunately I’m yet to receive such acknowledgement, but allow me to reiterate: if you’re reading this after having typed anything like either of those terms into your search engine, please do say hi.

The reason these search terms have been successful is that there is a photo of a naked woman in the shower on this site (I know—now you’re curious; relax, it’s right here). The reason I have just such a photo here is that I’m actually in the photo (you can play Where’s Waldo with it if you’d like; I’ll give you a hint: I’m not the woman standing in the shower).

The photo is one in a series titled “Dumped” that was produced by two local artists. I participated in two different shoots for this project, and this upcoming Thursday, October 13th, the entire series will be on display as part of the Capitol Hill Arts Walk.

If you live in the area and think that supporting local artists is a good thing, and I hope you do, it’s a tough path these folks have chosen to follow, please stop by and show your support. It should be a fun night: there’s going to be a DJ, drinks, professional dancers, and a whole host of other oddities to entertain you. You may not like what you see but at least you’ll see something different, and I’m certain that the people who created these pictures will appreciate simply having you there.

The pertinent information is below, and hopefully I’ll see some of you then.