Since returning to Seattle I’ve slowly been bumping into folks around town, and usually when I do I receive, in some form or another, the following question: And now what? Since I don’t have a glimmer of a response (I’m not the 5-year-plan kind of guy, to say nothing of the type to possess a 5-hour plan either), I thought that I’d instead answer a different question, one less commonly received but nevertheless revelatory, that being, What were you doing at the end of April before you left the country? (I know it’s clunky but I can feel people thinking it as we talk.)

The answer to that question leads us to today’s Image of The Day, which is an excitingly new and interactive feature in which you the reader get to guess which character in the photo below is me. (Unlike the hunt for Waldo the answer to this one should be pretty straighforward to deduce—psst: mine is not the arm…):



Hopefully this photo will silence ongoing criticisms that I’ve been unwilling to suffer deeply for art by lying in discomforted places underneath a beautiful naked woman as she takes a shower.

[This photo is part of a series shot by local photographer Dana Jonas: other images from this series, including one of a potentially familiar looking bearded chap in a suit, can be viewed at her website under the heading “Dumped”.]