Imagine you’re a young woman attending an R&B concert by Usher.  For the song “Trading Places,” one of your favorites, Usher calls – of all the thousands of people at that evening’s show – you, yes you, from the audience to sit onstage with him as he sings the song to you.  The song begins, the two of you curl up on a sofa, and Usher holds you close and begins singing.  You’re having a great time, and at some point, in an attempt to play along with the song, you turn around on your seat and attempt to straddle Usher.  However, instead of straddling him, you roundhouse-kick him in the head with your boot.

Thanks lady – not because Usher deserved a kick in the head (who could hate on Usher??), but because now we’ll never forget either of you.

[the kick occurs around the 5:20 mark; stick with it even after the blow – to Usher’s unending credit he handles the whole thing rather well, seemingly ever-ready to assert his mantle of One-Sexy-Badass]