Takrouna is a small village that sits atop a hill slightly Northeast of Enfida. The city was originally settled by Berbers, and is presently an artisan community. I was driven up to Takrouna on a small scooter by Slim (Sa-leem), the young man in whose house I’m staying. I had intended to walk – I was assured it was a 3Km walk from the center of Enfida, and I’m glad I didn’t – though the temperature’s dropped and it’s much more bearable outside, it was well over 6Km according to the scooter’s odometer by the time we finally arrived at the summit. Traveling there was a 45mph ride on a tiny scooter, helmet-less, swerving around cars, other scooters, and mule-drawn wagons. I haven’t any idea the scooter’s horsepower, but it was insufficient to climb the hill, and so we walked the remainder. The vibe on top is very slow and relaxed – there’s a lovely little cafe offering a 360-degree view of the surrounding area – but Slim is only 22, and slow and relaxed are clearly not his style. So we rushed through, me snapping pictures and lolling as much as permissible before Slim hurried me along.