This is the post where I happily announce the publication of my first story, Project Inversion.

I wrote this story a couple years back and have been sitting on it since. Why? I don’t know. But it’s out now.

Project Inversion is a very long short-story, or, if you look at it from the other side of things, a very short long-story. It’s set in a world where everyone has binoculars permanently affixed to their faces. The narrator is a crotchety war veteran telling his three grandsons about the contributions he made to the Revolution, contributions he insists were paramount to the way their worlds currently exist.

The story mixes science-fiction and humor to probe some deeper questions, and though it’s written for adults, it’s also completely appropriate for young readers (as long as their parents don’t mind the occasional curse word; but then, let’s not kid ourselves: the average elementary school playground involves far fouler language than this story.)

There are also some really cool original illustrations throughout the book that were done by my mother, Pat Bogusz, who has a lot of other great stuff she’s made.

Without getting lost in theory, my belief is that creative actions are a two-way street. There’s the creator, which in this case was me, and then there’s the reader/viewer/listener, which is everyone else. My contributions to this one are over, and if this story’s going to have a life greater than blotches on a screen (or the inside of my head), that’ll be for you to determine. So please: grab a copy, sit down and hopefully enjoy yourself.
If you’re interested in picking up a copy you can follow the links here.┬áLastly, if you’re not already aware, you don’t need an actual e-reader device to access these stories; you can quickly and easily download reader applications onto your computer or phone and go from there.