The image below is of the sidewalk near my apartment. If you’re the type I suppose that there are many things that can be written in wet concrete—one’s name, a sophomoric opposition to existing cannabis laws, “Free Nelson Mandela” (this list is not as random as it seems — it was chosen from things that have in fact been written on the sidewalks around my home). As a frequent walker of sidewalks this particular inscription has always bugged the hell out of me, and my bile has reached surfacing levels and I can’t keep it in any longer. I don’t understand what makes a person – Debbie, in this particular case – think that this is a good or thoughtful or funny or even interesting thing with which to deface public property. I’ve tried to give Debbie the benefit of the doubt, or, failing that, then I have at least wondered which part she wrote first, the #1 Scorpio or the Debbie Shehan (perhaps it’s a package deal for her, like ‘Cedric the Entertainer’ or ‘Toad the Wet Sprocket’). Either way, it’s by far the lamest, stupidist and most banally irritating thing ever to have been written on wet concrete. I hate to be a hater, but in the case of The Sidewalk v. Debbie Shehan, I have to conclude that Debbie, you can get bent.


Get Bent Debbie